About Us

ExÎles Boutique is the new and unique online shopping experience developed as a sales and promotional engine primarily for designers who have presented their garments and products at Islands of the World Fashion Showcase (IWFS).

Designers who have not presented at IWFS and wish to also take advantage of this opportunity may submit a request to info@islandsfashionweek.com along with images and a description of the garment(s) and/or product(s) for approval and acceptance.

We will source designers and products from islands around the globe which are rare and exotic and depict ethnic and cultural lifestyles of interest to our customers.

“ExÎles” is an adaptation of two words: “ex” meaning from, and “Îles” meaning islands. It is our mission to bring to you the best in quality and creativity that the islands have to offer, allowing you to create the unusual ambience and enjoy the exotic lifestyles conjured up by just the thought of islands: a luxury and exquisite lifestyle, yet both colorful and simplistic, exuding peaceful elegance.

This e-commerce platform acts independently of IWFS and does not act in any capacity as an agent for IWFS, and IWFS does not act as an agent for ExÎles Boutique.